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What is Campus Crime Stoppers?

  • Campus Crime Stoppers is a unique program to get students involved in keeping their school safe.  It’s a joint effort between NISD Campus Crime Stoppers, local law enforcement, and the community to keep the threat of violence, illegal drugs, and weapons and other dangerous activity off our school campuses.
  • Campus Crime Stoppers provides a means by which persons can report information on criminal activity as well as school policy violations anonymously and earn cash rewards for that information.

What is the preferred method for submitting a TIP to NISD Campus Crime Stoppers?

  • Most people prefer submitting TIPs using the P3 Campus app.  It allows for real time two way communication where sometimes questions and answers from a Crime Stoppers Administrator can be conducted.  Due to the real time tipping when using the P3 Campus app need to log in to the web-tip option to see the response from the Administrator or to check on the status of your tip.  REMEMBER the P3 App is in real time.  Many time Tipsters who use this method also get paid the same day or the very next day when a tip is found to be valid.  You can also submit your TIP via the web-tip option.  Click HERE to complete a web-tip.

Am I anonymous when I submit a TIP?

  • YES. Texas law guarantees you always remain anonymous. No lawyer or judge can mandate any Crime Stoppers Program to reveal who you are.  In fact, NISD Campus Crime Stoppers uses a very sophisticated server to receive and maintain tips.  No digital footprint is captured when using the system.  This is another way to guarantee your anonymity.   Thanks to this system your local Campus Crime Stopper Administrator does not know who you are or what phone number or electronic device you are TIP’ing from.

Is Campus Crime Stoppers a Charitable Organization?

  • Yes. Campus Crime Stoppers is a Charitable organization. We are registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) and we are incorporated in the State of Texas.  Donations to Campus Crime Stoppers are tax deductible. If you need a Tax Donation letter for a donation greater than $500, please contact

Does NISD Campus Crime Stoppers have paid staff?

  • Your NISD Campus Crime Stoppers Directors are volunteers and receive no compensation for their service. Our program operates with ZERO tax payer dollars.  NISD Campus Crime Stoppers relies on donations from citizens and local businesses, fund raising and grant funding from The Office of the Governor, Rick Perry.

What portion of a Donation to Campus Crime Stoppers goes toward rewards?

  • 100% of donations go toward rewards. Directors are volunteers and receive no compensation for their service. Administrative expenses, although minimal, are covered by a Texas Governor’s Grant.